The Venice Court of Justice upholds the appeal against the use by the Brazzale company. Judges condemn unlawful evocation and unfair competition for professional misconduct.

Berni: Whenever the Consortium goes to court, it always is proven right

Once again, a ruling safeguards the Protected Designation of Origin “Grana Padano” in its undisputed uniqueness.

The Court of Venice, to which the Consorzio Tutela Grana Padano had to turn because of the repeated illegal use of the term 'Grana' by the Brazzale company, used in communication to indicate the hard cheese they produce in the Czech Republic, has in fact fully upheld the arguments put forward by the Consorzio. Once again, a ruling protects the protected designation of origin 'Grana Padano' in its undisputed uniqueness.

As the Consortium has always maintained, thanks also to the 2007 EU Court of Justice ruling, the term Grana, among cheeses, can only be associated with Padano. Therefore, Grana is only Padano.” stresses Stefano Berni, General Manager of the Protection Consortium.

Any attempt to call a similar or comparable cheese “Grana” constitutes unlawful evocation of the Grana Padano PDO, as well as unfair competition due to professional misconduct, the Venetian court ruled in its decision of 25 May 2022, which the Protection Consortium was made aware of today, 9 June. 

We greet the judgement with great satisfaction," comments the General Manager, "noting, furthermore, that whenever the Consortium is led to take legal action to protect the Grana Padano PDO denomination, it always finds reason with the Courts to which it must turn to”.

Grana Padano is the most consumed PDO cheese in the world, with over 5.2 million wheels produced in 2021. "So, it is a product that enjoys great success among Italian and foreign consumers and for this reason it is too often imitated or subject to actions aimed at confusing different and less valuable products with Grana Padano,” Berni concludes. “But there is only one Grana Padano!”