“With its activity of protection, preservation and supervision, the Consortium sees that every step of the production chain of Grana Padano PDO (from the production of raw materials to packaging and distribution) meets strict standards to ensure the highest quality.”
(Statute of Grana Padano Protection Consortium)

Protecting Grana Padano means looking after its general interests as a recognised PDO cheese.
Among other things, the Consortium works at deterring and averting any abuse, unfair trade practice, counterfeiting, improper use of the PDO or other illegal practice in the production, transformation or marketing of Grana Padano.


Compliance with the Product Specifications
Since 1996, Grana Padano is a cheese with Denominazione di Origine Protetta (DOP or, in English, Protected Designation of Origin, PDO). As such, in accordance with the laws regulating this status, it has to meet the requirements of the Product Specifications, drafted by the Consortium. The Product Specifications establish the standard procedures for all the stages of milk processing leading to the manufacturing of Grana Padano.

Guarantee of Quality
The primary purpose of the Consortium is to see that the consumer will be provided with a high quality, certified product with its rich heritage of history and tradition.

Authenticity beyond any doubt
The Consortium carries out regular inspections to ensure that producers, maturers, graters, packagers and retailers follow the correct procedures and do not compromise the authenticity of the PDO product.

Deterring illegal practices
Such inspections are carried out without any prior notice. In case of serious crimes, the Consortium can request the intervention of the Italian State Police and Carabinieri. The Consortium sometimes donates quantities of Grana Padano to support institutional, promotional, and charitable events.