“The Consortium is the holder of the Grana Padano PDO and all related or correspondent brands, as well as legally registered trademarks – and grants them in use to whoever is entitled.”

“The Consortium has the sole authority to fire-brand the distinctive Grana Padano PDO logo on the wheels of cheese produced by the Consortium members and those entitled to produce it.”

“The Consortium monitors the marketplace so that other products are not marked with names, trademarks and/or other distinctive markings that may result in the infringement of Grana Padano PDO and give rise to the Consortium initiating legal proceedings for the application of fines and penalties.”
Statute of the Grana Padano Protection Consortium

Among the initiatives aimed at promoting Grana Padano and providing fair, in-depth information about the product and its PDO status, the Consortium also puts a great deal of effort into spreading a positive image of the cheese among customers, in order to increase its consumption.

Providing correct information
Monitoring the media and trade press is a key priority for the Consortium, to ensure that the news and information about Grana Padano reaching the general public, the financial markets and the industry, are fair, detailed and accurate.

The promotion of the proper use of the name “Grana Padano”
Following the ever-increasing globalisation of markets, the growing issue of the counterfeiting affecting Made in Italy products and, last but not least, the economic crisis and its effects on the speculation over quality and prices, the Consortium puts a great deal of effort in the promotion of the correct use of the name “Grana Padano”. It also oversees that the proper denomination – “Grana Padano” – is the only one used.

Promotion, initiative and events
The Grana Padano Protection Consortium has always given particular importance to promotion, using the most influential media available: press, radio, TV, digital campaigns, social networks and promotional events. Furthermore, the Consortium often supports activities promoting the culture of Made in Italy abroad through sponsorships. Finally, the Consortium has also been promoting wide-ranging educational, research and scientific projects, reaching well beyond its original aims.

Marketing and distribution
The Grana Padano Promotion Consortium also provides information, services and assistance to support its own members selling, marketing and distributing the product.