Caseificio Sociale Giardino S.C.A.

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Dairy Number: BS607

Raggruppa 814

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Via Tenuta Giardino
25030 – Orzivecchi (BS)

Today we meet Luigi, who came to work at the dairy in the 80s. He tells us that these lands once belonged to Mr. Pastori, the owner of a large farming estate who died in the late 1800s and left his whole property to the Brescia provincial authority with the express request to set up a school for Expert Cheesemakers.

A group of farmers subsequently took over the management of the dairy, and made the facility available to students so they could practice cheesemaking.


Everything worked smoothly because the students who came to the school for their two-year foundation period also boarded here and worked on the cheese production.

The quantity of milk available was low but the cost of labour was also low since the dairy was initially a laboratory for the students.

The laboratory is still up and running today, and students can use the milk supplied by the dairy to make cheese:“it’s important for us to keep this piece of history alive.”


The Giardino dairy has come a long way since 1941, having constantly expanded and improved its facilities over the years, with particular attention to sustainability issues.

A biogas plant was put in place in 2012, which produces electricity while reducing nitrogen and nitrates. The cooperative manages it as a service for the benefit of the environment and of all its members.

There are now plans to build an additional ageing storehouse and a brining facility.