Ghidetti Srl

Tracciato 23521
Dairy Number: VR903
Raggruppa 814
T: 045 7135072 | F: 045 7139024
Raggruppa 818

Via Vivaldi, 201
37050 – Isola Rizza (VR)

It was 1937 when Mr. Willemo Ghidetti, a native of the Mantua province, decided to open a small dairy in Isola Rizza, near Verona. Back in the day, the dairy started with Provolone cheese but year after year, with passion and sacrifice, he was able to diversify into a wider range of products, which since 2010 also include Grana Padano PDO.
After the long tenure of Carlo, Luciano, Arrigo and Sergio Ghidetti, the children of Willemo, it is now the founder’s grandchildren, the third generation, who manage the dairy business: Massimo deals with production, Riccardo looks after the sales, Andrea is in charge of logistics and warehousing and Silvia runs the administration. Cecilia and Paolo Ghidetti are other shareholders.

In addition to the Isola Rizza dairy, the Ghidetti cousins opened a retail outlet in Villafontana, a village a few miles from the main headquarters, where customers are able to find all their cheese production and more.

Thanks to new technology, the dairy has embarked on a drive to improve the quality of work for their staff and decided to suspend production on Sundays.

The milk used to produce Grana Padano comes from farms located in the provinces of Mantua and Verona. With the milk collected, the Ghidetti dairy produces nearly 17 thousand cheese wheels a year.

The dairy is also an active exporter, and has trade relations with most European countries, and Germany in particular, but also with non-EU countries like Canada and Australia, which mostly demand Grana Padano PDO.

During our visit, we were able to chat with Massimo, who proudly told us how he and his cousins inherited the dairy business started by Grandpa Willemo, and despite the sacrifices this business requires, they continue to manage the dairy and constantly aim at ever increasing quality.

They have recently launched interesting collaborations with local farms aimed at improving the cows’ feed, thus improving animal welfare, as well the quality of the milk.