Greco di Tufo


This is a Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin (DOCG) white wine. Made with at least 85% Greco grapes and no more than 15% Coda di Volpe grapes. The wine is mainly fermented in steel and, more rarely, in wood barrels. While no minimum ageing period is specified in the regulations, the wine is not generally sold before 7-8 months after the harvest.

– Recommended ageing period: 2 to 3 months depending on vintage.
– Alcohol by volume: 13% Vol.
– Made throughout the territory around the towns of Altavilla Irpina, Chianche, Montefusco, Prata di Principato Ultra, Petruro Irpino, Santa Paolina, Torrioni, and Tufo in the province of Avellino.
– Store in the cellar at a constant temperature of 11-15°C for a few years or at room temperature for just a few weeks.
– Serve at 12°C in medium sized glasses.

Characteristics (visual, scent, taste):
Intense, bright straw yellow with delicate golden highlights. The initial aroma sensations are acacia flower, Abate Fetel pear, and white peach with wild fennel and Mediterranean macquis nuances emerging. Full and mouth-filling on the palate, the predominant sensation is velvetiness which persists to the end, characterised by a barely perceptible tanginess.
The wine’s body and long-lasting aromas and flavours harmonise with the characteristics of this medium mature Grana Padano cheese. Additionally, the medium-low saltiness and mild acidity of the cheese are balanced by the softness of the wine.

Curious facts
Together with Fiano di Avellino and Taurasi, this wine is part of the Irpinia DOCG wine trio. Its name makes its geographical and historical origins clear. It was originally called Aminea Gemina and Aristotle considered the variety to have come from Thessaly, the native land of the Aminei, a people which colonised the Neapolitan coast and planted this precious variety on the fertile slopes of Mt Vesuvius. Further proof comes from a fresco found in Pompeii dating to the 1st century BC, which clearly mentions Greco wine.

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