Franciacorta Brut Satèn


This is a sparkling Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin (DOCG) white wine. Made with at least 50% Chardonnay grapes and no more than 50% Pinot Bianco grapes. The base wine is mainly fermented in steel and remains on the lees in the bottle for at least 24 months.

– Recommended ageing period: 2-3 years from the release date.
– Alcohol by volume: 12.5% Vol.
– Made throughout the territory around the towns of Adro, Capriolo, Cellatica, Cortefranca, Erbusco, Gussago, Iseo, Monticelli Brusati, Ome, Paderno Franciacorta, Paratico, Passirano, Provaglio d’Iseo, and Rodengo Saiano and part of that spanned by Cazzago San Martino, Coccaglio, Cologne, and Rovato, in the province of Brescia.
– Store in the cellar at a constant temperature of 11-15°C for a few years or at room temperature for just a few weeks.
– Serve at 6°C in very tapered glasses to highlight the perlage, with a slight rim to concentrate its aromatic qualities.

Characteristics (visual, on the nose, in the mouth):
Bright straw yellow punctuated by an ultra-fine perlage which livens up its greenish highlights. Its bouquet opens to fragrant notes of freshly-baked bread, white peach, grapefruit zest, and lime flower. In the mouth it is silky and extremely elegant, enlivened by a marked tanginess and creamy bubbles.
This high calibre wine is the perfect match for the balance and delicacy of this medium mature Grana Padano. Additionally, the moderate saltiness and mild acidity of the cheese are perfectly balanced by the soft mouth-filling character of the wine.

Curious facts
The name Franciacorta would appear to derive from ‘francae curtes’, the historic Cluny monasteries which were exempted from customs duties (or ‘corti franche’) in exchange for their reclaiming and farming the land.
The term ‘Satèn’ is a registered Franciacorta Consortium brand. It differs from other Franciacorta wines by its lower bottle pressure (5 atmospheres), giving it a creaminess in the mouth that conjures up the delicate sensations of silk.
It is fairly easy to source in both wine shops and at large-scale retailers.

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