Dolcetto D’Alba


This is a Controlled Designation of Origin (DOC) red wine. Made with 100% Dolcetto grapes. Fermentation mainly occurs in steel, and ageing sometimes involves a period in wood, mainly in large oak barrels. While no minimum ageing period is specified in the regulations, the wine is not generally sold before 7-8 months after the harvest.

– Recommended ageing period: 2 to 4 months depending on vintage.
– Alcohol by volume: 12.5% Vol.
– Made in 35 towns (wholly or partially) in the Langhe area, in the province of Cuneo, and in the town of Coazzolo in the province of Asti.
– Store in the cellar at a constant temperature of 11-15°C for a few years or at room temperature for just a few weeks.
– Serve at 16°C in medium sized glasses.

Characteristics (visual,scent, flavour):
Intense ruby red with youthful purplish highlights. Its scent has nuances of blackcurrant, bitter cherry jam, blackberry jelly, blueberry syrup, and dried lavender flowers, enlivened by mild spicy notes. The flavour is silky, with smooth, perfectly integrated tannins, creating the overall balance.
The subtle body of the wine and its fairly long lasting aromas and flavours harmonise with the characteristics of this medium matured Grana Padano cheese. Additionally, the mild acidity of the cheese is softened by the roundness of the wine.

Curious facts
This is one of Piedmont’s most popular red grape varieties and its second most widely grown. Its name may derive from its marked sweetness during ripening or from the dialect word ‘dosset’ for a gentle hill.
Its production specifications also encompass a ‘superiore’ version with a higher alcohol level, which cannot be sold prior to 12 months after the 1st of November in the year of the harvest.
It is fairly easy to source in both wine shops and at large-scale retailers.

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