Petra Antolini

Petra Antolini
Petra Antolini was born in Negrar (Verona) on May 28th, 1980, her parents’ first daughter after four sons. She attends Berti catering school in Verona and then starts working in the kitchen as sous-chef at the Piccola Locanda. She gives birth to her son Kevin Leone, who now works at her side. Her husband suffers a terrible accident and she has to stop for two years to manage his company, but she still finds the time to attend a BA in Gastronomic Science and take a few exams.

Despite all her ups and downs, she starts teaching at Legnano’s catering school and sells her husband’s company, proceeding to part ways with him. In 2009 she meets Lorenzo, a chef with whom she shares a passion for baking. In 2010 they open their Settimo Cielo. At the same time, Petra delves into bread-making at Molino Quaglia, and in 2013 she has her second child, Isaac Martin. In three years she opens Casa Petra, a small bakery where she makes bread and a wide range of leavened products, then, following Lorenzo’s serious injury, she closes it to the public to focus on Settimo Cielo. At the end of 2017, together with six female colleagues, she starts the group «Donne di Pizza, Donne di Cuore», with the idea of creating good food to make good deeds. Twenty-four-hours days are not enough but she still finds a way to make everything work, even finding the time for her Harley-Davidson, an essential source of relief.

Petra Antolini and Grana Padano are partners for Identità Golose New York.
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