Incoming JRE 2017

09.24.2017 - 09.26.2017

From 24th to 26th September 2017, Grana Padano organised two days with a small delegation of JRE Chefs Europe: Jesus Monedero from Spain, Clément Bidard from France, Gregor Vracko from Slovenia, Jens Dannenfeld from Germany.
The chefs had the opportunity to see the production of Grana Padano, in the Caseificio Europeo in Bagnolo S. Vito near Mantova.
Following the dairy visit, Chef Davide Botta, JRE Italy from Ristorante L’Artigliere prepared a menu based on Grana Padano as ingredient, together with the visiting Chefs.

Here the menu:

Finger food:
  • Mini sandwiches stuffed with vegetables and Grana Padano -from chef Jesus Monedero  
  • Spring onions, veal and Grana Padano - from chef Gregor Vracko
  • Fennel and Grana Padano - from chef Jens Dannenfeld
  • Grana Padano lollipop - from chef Davide Botta
  • Tapioca crisps, black garlic and Grana Padano cream - from chef Clément Bidard

Served menu:
  • Grana Padano and mushroom salad - from the chef Jesus Monedero
  • Scampi, chard and Grana Padano - from chef Clément Bidard
  • Creamed onion and pancetta risotto with Grana Padano salty biscuits - from chef Davide Botta
  • Sole, Grana Padano and nuts - from chef Gregor Vracko
  • Filet of veal with cauliflower cream and frozen Grana Padano potato gnocchi - from chef Jens Dannenfeld
  • Passion-fruit millefeuille - from chef Davide Botta