Caseificio Cooperativo Casanova Soc. Coop. a r.l.

Dairy Number: PC517
Via Boceto Inferiore, 191
29010 - Bersano di Besenzone (PC)
tel. 0523 830203 – fax 0523 833742
Mr. Franco Testa is the Chief Executive Officer of the Casanova dairy.

A sunburnt face and two large hands marked by the hard work, he is a straightforward person who has been running his dairy and the management of the cheese plant with great passion.

Right now he has a few problems because his cheesemaker has been unwell and is unable to work, so a young Indian man is standing in for him making the cheese.

The dairy opened in the 60s and has always produced Grana Padano. It is located in Besenzone, in the Province of Piacenza, in the lands of Giuseppe Verdi.

In the past there was a pig farm right next to the dairy, where the pigs were fed the whey left over from the cheese production process.
As we chat with Franco we are joined by Stefano Longinotti, who is currently working for the Protection Consortium and used to live right above the offices of this dairy because his father was the cheesemaker here.

He remembers when he used to play in the courtyard over bare ground and his dad worked here, producing 20 wheels a day, whereas now they produce 80. Things have changed and technology helps and has made the work easier.

Grana Padano has been a constant feature in the lives of many people in this area, working in the fields, cattle farming and producing the milk to obtain this valuable cheese.