Grana Padano DOP “Riserva” 20-24 months


Grana Padano DOP “Riserva” 20-24 months and Dark chocolate 51% cocoa with ginger crystals

Chocolate bars that have at least 45% cocoa can be considered and defined as ‘dark’, however, for cocoa contents of up to 50-55%, the typical bitter taste remains delicate and can be appreciated even by those who are not fans of extreme combinations, but are drawn to innovative pairings and products with a certain character.
In this combination, the ‘tempting’ proposal is a ‘mixture’ of ginger in the form of crystals in a dark chocolate bar with 51% cocoa.
The presence of the ginger crystals has significant effects during the tasting experience, in fact, it affects the mouthfeel and provides crunch. In addition, by contrast, it enhances the perception of the delicate cocoa aroma and creates a pleasant freshness in the mouth in the form of a tingling sensation, which is enhanced by the citrusy notes typical of this spice.

We recommend starting by chewing on a shaving of Grana Padano PDO ‘Riserva’ 20-24 months to create an alternation between the typical graininess of the cheese and the ginger crystals so that the ingredients create a blend of heady freshness.
With this pairing our intention was to arouse the curiosity of those who like to be daring, but without bordering on extravagance.

Curious facts:

  • The history of ginger has very ancient origins: the root is one of the first spices exported from Asia and Alexander the Great is believed to be the one who introduced it to the West. Ginger arrived in Europe via ancient Greece during the so-called ‘spice trade age’.
  • In antiquity, the ginger root was considered ‘magical’ and in fact it was held in high esteem for a unique feature that made it as precious as it was mysterious: when added to food, it prevented, or rather slowed down, spoilage to the point that it was commonly used as a food preservative.
  • Ginger, a relative of cardamom, belongs to the Zingiberaceae family. The origins of its name are lost in the mists of time; in fact, it derives from Sanskrit and Arabic and means ‘horn’, being named after the shape of its rhizomes or roots. Known since time immemorial for its beneficial properties, today it is a spice prized for its ‘pungent’ flavour that makes all the foods it is combined with spicy and intriguing.

Grana Padano DOP “Riserva” 20-24 months and Dark chocolate 71% cocoa with honey and almond flakes

Cocoa, honey, almonds… thanks to the mix of ingredients, the bar we offer is characterised by a combination of different aromas and textures that make it unique and valuable: the bitter notes of the cocoa are delicately sweetened by the honey, which, however, does not alter the character; the almond flakes give a lively crunchiness accompanied – in a pleasant contrast – by the chocolate that melts and envelops the palate. The combination of this chocolate and Grana Padano PDO ‘Riserva’ 20-24 months is surprising since it creates a multitude of sensations, experienced one after the other: in the mouth, we perceive a slight acidity, the sweetness of honey, a hint of bitterness from the cocoa and almonds as well as a certain astringency that counterbalances the slightly fatty notes of the Grana Padano PDO; in short, a feast of aromas, trigeminal perceptions and taste. This is a surprising combination that enhances the cheese, leaving the mouth ‘clean’ after swallowing, with a pleasant aroma of Grana Padano and honey.