Caseificio Ghidetti srl, grana padano, Production sites

In addition to the Isola Rizza dairy, the Ghidetti cousins opened a retail outlet in Villafontana, a village a few miles from the main headquarters, where customers are able to find all their cheese production and more. ...  The milk used to produce Grana Padano comes from farms located in the provinces of Mantua and Verona.

Caseificio Giovanni Invernizzi Srl, grana padano, Production sites

Consortium > Production sites > Caseificio Giovanni Invernizzi Srl Caseificio Giovanni Invernizzi Srl Dairy Number: BG507 Via Mazzini, 40 24040 - Pontirolo Nuovo (BG) tel 0363 880145 – fax 0363 322093 It all started with Signora Teresa, who back in the 50s opened a store in Pontirolo Nuovo where she [...]

Grana Padano Consortium and Rava Foundation

That same year, Father William Wasson, who was a young parish priest in Cuernavaca, Mexico, was given custody of a young boy - who had stolen alms from his church - and of eight other homeless children. ... Saint Damien in Haiti, a country where infant mortality is among the highest in the world.

Lisozyme & Grana Padano PDO

Silage is a traditional technique of fodder conservation typical of many areas of the Pianura Padana (Po River Valley) in Northern Italy, mainly used for whole maize/corn plants which are placed in special trenches where, following proper compression and air free conditions, natural acidification occurs. ... Lysozyme is a naturally occurring protein, extracted [...]

Caseificio Sociale San Donato Soc.

” His father worked right here at the San Donato dairy, where the whole family lived. ... These are offcuts from the fresh Grana Padano wheels made in the morning.

"Grana" can only be "Padano", Italian cheese

Therefore, starting from 1954, the genus GRANA, was absorbed in the species represented by the new designation of origin "GRANA PADANO" and "PARMIGIANO REGGIANO", thus becoming extinct as a separate designation. ... In any case, this protection was expressly requested when the Grana Padano Protection Consortium presented the application to obtain PDO [...]

Identità New york, 2017 October 10 - 2017 October 12, grana padano

Media > Events > Events > Identità New york Identità New york 10.10.2017 - 10.12.2017 Grana Padano PDO announces its partnership with the eighth annual Identità Golose, the acclaimed chefs conference bringing Michelin-starred legends from around the world to convene for three days only, from October 10th-October 12th, at Eataly Flatiron and Eataly [...]

Aziende Agricole Garbelli sa, grana padano, Production sites

Garbelli is one of very few Grana Padano DOP cheesemakers who does not add lysozyme, because he succeeds in feeding his cows with a selection of forage almost exclusively from his own fields and without the addition of corn silage. ... To the point where the visitor starts to ask themselves if this is real or a dream.

Tomasoni F.lli snc, grana padano, Production sites

In addition to the Grana Padano brand, they decided to go down the organic route and applied for further certification status from the certifying body, ICEA Lombardia.... Here we can still see the “pans” where the cream rises to the top, and the vats in which the wheels are placed in a brine bath.

Caseificio Cooperativo Casanova Soc.

In the past there was a pig farm right next to the dairy, where the pigs were fed the whey left over from the cheese production process.

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