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Grana Padano > Production process > Where Grana Padano comes from Where Grana Padano comes from Only specific provinces and regions in Italy are able to produce Grana Padano cheese. ... We can’t tell Grana Padano’s complete history without referring to a map of the regions where it’s [...]

Biocaseificio Tomasoni di Tomasoni Massimo & C.

In addition to the Grana Padano brand, they decided to go down the organic route and applied for further certification status from the certifying body, ICEA Lombardia.... Here we can still see the “pans” where the cream rises to the top, and the vats in which the wheels are placed in a brine bath.

Società Cooperativa Croce Grossa, grana padano, Production sites

Their home is fully incorporated into the dairy: the kitchen leads directly to a cellar, and from there into the brining rooms where the tanks are still made of concrete and the cheese wheels are partially immersed in the brine bath and then regularly turned manually to ensure that the salt is uniformly absorbed. ... From here, the milk is [...]

Latteria Agricola Primavera Società Agricola Cooperativa, grana padano, Production sites

Last but not least, we visit the factory shop, where Simona has been working for 13 years and all kinds of delicacies can be purchased, from Grana Padano to the characteristic products of the area, including salame and Lambrusco wine, which we are kindly offered by the owners. ... The name is derived from that of a tower that once housed a [...]

Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano - Particular aspects and specifications, Italian cheese

 Even if, starting from October 2019, for Grana Padano, the possibility to use a robotic milking system has been introduced, where the cows are free to go in and be milked, even more than twice a day, according to their needs.... Milking:  in Grana Padano DOP milk from both the day’s milking sessions - whether used [...]

Latteria Sociale S.

Mauro, so she takes us to see him in the room next door where he is with a family of tourists from Rome who have come to see how Grana Padano is made. ... We sit down at his crowded table where the guests, Mr.


We are welcomed by the director Giuseppe Rizzi, who begins to tell us how Grana Padano is made by processing the milk supplied by the 21 members of the cooperative, all from the Piacenza area. ... After 3 days, the wheels are immersed in brine, where they remain for 17 to 18 days.

Caseificio Giovanni Invernizzi Srl, grana padano, Production sites

Consortium > Production sites > Caseificio Giovanni Invernizzi Srl Caseificio Giovanni Invernizzi Srl Dairy Number: BG507 Via Mazzini, 40 24040 - Pontirolo Nuovo (BG) tel 0363 880145 – fax 0363 322093  info@casificioinvernizzi.it www.caseificioinvernizzi.it It all started with Signora Teresa, who back in the 30s opened a store in Pontirolo Nuovo where she [...]

Caseificio Achille Snc di Dalla Valentina Ezio e C., grana padano, Production sites

., north of Verona and not far from the city centre. ... All contributing members come from the Lessinia mountain range.

Caseificio Sociale Ponte di Barbarano Soc.

The beating heart of the processing plant are the two heating rooms, which hold 48 vats in all and where everything is done traditionally. ... So, yes to technological evolution, but only where it does not compromise the quality of the finished product.

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