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It is still cooked with nostalgia and reverence and at holidays, specifically in the homes of immigrants from southern Italy.

Where Grana Padano comes from, grana padano, Italian cheese

Grana Padano > Production process > Where Grana Padano comes from Where Grana Padano comes from Only specific provinces and regions in Italy are able to produce Grana Padano cheese.

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“PDO” is the best European recognition for specific agri-food products, and its link to the region where the product comes from.

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Created nearly 1000 years ago in Northern Italy in the Pianura Padana (Po River Valley), Grana Padano PDO cheese is produced following the same traditional methods in compliance to strict Production Specifications, becoming not only the world’s best-selling PDO cheese but one of the most loved products in Italy.

Tasting, grana padano, Italian cheese

The aim of tasting is not just for personal pleasure but also to assess whether the characteristics of the product comply with the production specifications .

Grana Padano PDO Production Specification Rules, grana padano, Italian cheese

Grana Padano > Production process > Grana Padano PDO Production Specification Rules Grana Padano PDO Production Specification Rules Each and every wheel is made using a unique procedure, which is repeated time and time again in exactly the same way. Production Specification Rules .pdf

Legal Disclaimer

This information is not provided in an advisory capacity and no guarantee is therefore given with regard to its accuracy or completeness and since it constitutes no specific offer to the public, the Grana Padano Protection Consortium is in no way bound by it. In order to obtain advice or information with regard to your own specific requirements, the Grana [...]

Fire-Branding, grana padano, Italian cheese

> Fire-Branding Fire-Branding It certifies that the wheels meet the requirements requested by the Product Specifications.

Consortium services, grana padano, Italian cheese

Obviously, every farmer must work in the Grana Padano production area (as identified by the Product Specifications). ... All the steps of milk processing and the facilities must strictly comply with the Product Specifications requirements.

Quadrifoglio / four-leaf clover, grana padano, Italian cheese

It also includes the letters DOP, (PDO – Protected Designation of Origin) the mark which shows that the cheese is produced in the area of origin identified by the law, in accordance with the Product Specifications.

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