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Tasting a product means analysing it in order to evaluate its organoleptic characteristics.

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  About us On 18 June 1954, on the initiative of Federlatte (the Federation of Cooperative Dairies) and Assolatte (Association of Dairy Industries), the Consortium for the Protection of Grana Padano cheese was created in order to bring together all the producers, affineurs and traders of this cheese.

Production phases

Resting Whilst the temperature is kept constant throughout the end of the cooking process, the curd grains are left to rest under the whey, for 30-70 minute, in order to let the cheese form. Lifting Using a sort of a wooden shovel (pala) and a linen cloth (schiavino), the curd mass is raised from the bottom of the cauldron and cut into two equal parts, in [...]

THE WORLD’S 50 BEST RESTAURANTS 2019, 2019 June 22 - 2019 June 26, grana padano

For the special occasion the Grana Padano Protection Consortium has invited YIKE TALKS and the famous food critic CoCo in order to  interview the most influential chefs and explain the new trends in haute cuisine exclusively for the Chinese audience, choosing to to share with the Chinese public its adventure at The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019.

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Those day are far gone now, there are no respectable restaurant in London that has never had a cauliflower steak on their menu, and when you add tasty Grana Padano cheese to the equation, what seems to be just an alternative to meat for vegetarian people becomes one of the most ordered item of the menu.

Latteria Sociale Stallone Soc.

And in order to achieve this, they needed new tools, such as technical assistance, milk sampling, and product testing.

Caseificio Ferretti srl, grana padano, Production sites

The sole care for order and cleanliness that she has be able to transfer to her co-workers is immediately noticeable, along with the benefits for the milk transformation process.

Identità Golose Milano, 2016 March 06 - 2016 March 08, grana padano

This is the Twelfth Edition of the Convention that this year will celebrate The Power of Freedom in order to focus the attention of the public opinion on the knowledge and the curiosity that livened up every visitor at Expo 2015, launching a 360° discussion on the value of free creativity and free conviviality.

EXPO 2015 - Cibus è Italia, 2015 May 01, grana padano

The presence of Grana Padano cheese wants to underline the importance of the European Designations of Origin and the need to protect them against imitations and counterfeiting attempts, in order to guarantee high-quality and safe products.

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In order to comply with its duties, it carries out initiatives aimed at protecting and promoting everything concerning Grana Padano, both at home and abroad, even through specific services provided to support the members’ activities.

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