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The promotion of the proper use of the name "Grana Padano" Following the ever-increasing globalisation of markets, the growing issue of the counterfeiting affecting Made in Italy products and, last but not least, the economic crisis and its effects on the speculation over quality and prices, the Consortium puts a great deal of effort in the [...]

Latteria Sociale S.

Mauro, so she takes us to see him in the room next door where he is with a family of tourists from Rome who have come to see how Grana Padano is made. ... In the conversation we also discuss how to make home-made cheese and even butter.

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Thus, what makes our cheese different is not only the different ageing period but also the area of production. ... The colour of the cheese is also less intense and the ageing period is shorter.

Latteria Soresina Soc.

Thanks to their high quality, the dairy products made by Latteria Soresinese soon established themselves on the market and among consumers, first in Italy and then throughout the world. ... At the same time, assistance was provided to the dairy farms supplying the milk, testing facilities were set up, great efforts were made to achieve [...]

Latteria Agricola di Marmirolo Soc.

Of course in those days there were neither computers nor management software, so while things were definitely complicated for those who made the cheese, the administration work was also no easy task. ... They are very dedicated to their shop and especially to the cheese, so much so that in 2008 they took a course organized by ONAF, [...]

Which wines should accompany Grana padano?

They should be young, fresh wines, possibly rich in aromas and with notes that evoke the fragrance of the grapes from which they are made.... We are now ready to set out on a journey through the various regions of Italy, taking us through the kaleidoscopic world of local wines whose multifaceted and diverse characteristics make for excellent accompaniements [...]

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