Which wines should accompany Grana padano?

They should be young, fresh wines, possibly rich in aromas and with notes that evoke the fragrance of the grapes from which they are made.... We are now ready to set out on a journey through the various regions of Italy, taking us through the kaleidoscopic world of local wines whose multifaceted and diverse characteristics make for excellent accompaniements [...]

Latteria Sociale Mantova Società Agricola Cooperativa, grana padano, Production sites

Half the cheese was recovered, but sadly the other half had to be disposed of as waste. ... The LSM cooperative is made up of 194 dairy farms and processes 600,000 litres of milk per day in its 3 facilities located in the province of Mantua (Porto Mantovano, Marmirolo – Latteria San Sebastiano, Bagnolo San Vito – Caseificio Formigada).

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