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  The Decree of the President of the Italian Republic On October 30, 1955 the Decree of the President of the Italian Republic, no. 1269: " Recognition of desig-nations covering production methods, product characteristics and production areas of cheeses", including Grana Padano , was issued....   The Decree of the [...]

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» This is how Giuseppe Ambrosi, president and CEO of Ambrosi Spa, the dairy group of Castenedolo (Brescia) which ranks at the top of the premium segment in the traditional Italian cheese market, comments on the performance of one of its flagship products. ... The main export markets are today France, Germany, the United States, Japan [...]


Doing all this together enhances the image and international perception of Italian PDO cheese. ...  Almost 500.000 wheels were exported in 2018 in this market and this number is somehow the confirmation that Grana Padano has become part of the daily culinary habits of German consumers; that’s why we also offered “snack [...]

WORLD CHEESE AWARDS and FORME, 2019 October 17 - 2019 October 20, grana padano

The prestige of FORME and the Italian dairy art has led to a record edition of the World Cheese Awards, with 3,804 cheeses in competition from 42 countries - 10% more than in the 2018 edition – will be evaluated from 260 international judges from 35 nations. ... With 4,932,996 wheels produced in 2018 and 3,916,358 from January to [...]

THE WORLD’S 50 BEST RESTAURANTS 2019, 2019 June 22 - 2019 June 26, grana padano

Both China and Italy, in fact, are passionate on food and haute cuisine but above all recently  Chinese are becoming more and more foodies and in this special occasion Chinese cheese lovers will be inspired in sampling the delicious flavor and delicacy of this extraordinary Italian cheese. ... The international trait of The [...]

"Grana" can only be "Padano", Italian cheese

However, when with Italian law No. 125 of 10 April 1954, the designation of origin of cheeses were established, the recognition of the designation of origin GRANA PADANO was requested, as the term "PADANO" was considered the most suitable to bring together under a single wider geographical indication, the different varieties of GRANA [...]


With these words, Stefano Berni, General Manager of the Grana Padano Protection Consortium , alongside Aldo Maria Vigevani, CEO of Gardaland, presented the new partnership between two Italian excellences: Grana Padano, the world’s best-selling PDO cheese, and Gardaland, the number one Amusement Park in Italy. ... In 2018, 4,932,996 wheels were [...]

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