Ambrosi SpA, grana padano, Production sites

» This is how Giuseppe Ambrosi, president and CEO of Ambrosi Spa, the dairy group of Castenedolo (Brescia) which ranks at the top of the premium segment in the traditional Italian cheese market, comments on the performance of one of its flagship products. ... To produce great PDO products, one has to respect and pass on a [...]

Caseari Dall' Aglio Snc, grana padano, Production sites

With the 2 tonnes of milk he collects, he produces 4 wheels of Grana Padano a day, plus a few wheels of caciotta cheese, in his dairy located in Bacedasco Basso, in the Province of Piacenza. ... They also sell directly to the public through the dairy shop where the customers are given detailed explanations of how the cheese [...]

Genola Latte SpA, grana padano, Production sites

Its main purpose was not to produce cheese, but to act as a milk collection centre for the two companies Alberti and Frascheri, which were, and still are, suppliers of drinking milk on the market of the Flower Riviera, in the Liguria Region. ... That is how the idea to join the Grana Padano Protection Consortium and start [...]

Latterie Vicentine S.C.A., grana padano, Production sites

Over the years, Latterie Vicentine has been growing steadily, in terms of both member numbers and milk produced, and is now the largest dairy cooperative in the Veneto region as well as the largest producer of Asiago PDO cheese in Italy. ... Barbara explains carefully what the cows eat, how they live and then, in a room [...]

Caseificio Ghidetti srl, grana padano, Production sites

 The milk used to produce Grana Padano comes from farms located in the provinces of Mantua and Verona. With the milk collected, the Ghidetti dairy produces nearly 17 thousand cheese wheels a year.

Biocaseificio Tomasoni di Tomasoni Massimo & C.

” Their small dairy has been producing Grana Padano since the fifties, at the rate of about four wheels per day. ... They frequently organize tours of the dairy for their customers because they are keen to show how their cheese is made.

Società Cooperativa Croce Grossa, grana padano, Production sites

From here, the milk is drained into the cauldron where two twin wheels are produced. ... Gianfranco tells us how his day is organized and about his many different tasks in addition to cheesemaking.

Quadrifoglio / four-leaf clover, grana padano, Italian cheese

Grana Padano > Grana Padano PDO > How can you recognise the branding? ... It also includes the letters DOP, (PDO – Protected Designation of Origin) the mark which shows that the cheese is produced in the area of origin identified by the law, in accordance with the Product Specifications.

Latteria Sociale Stallone Soc.

In the early days, when Rino was the President of the dairy, the cheese still didn’t have protected origin certification, which was obtained in 1954, and wasn’t called Grana Padano PDO as it is now, but changed its name according to the season in which it was produced: the cheese made from 11 November to 11 April was called [...]

Consorzio Cooperativo Produttori Latte s.c.a., grana padano, Production sites

” That is why he organizes meetings, including with university professors, to get advice of how to produce and store fodder on the farms and instructions on good hygiene practices for the welfare of the livestock, because if the cow is well she will produce good milk. ... Anyone wishing to see how Grana Padano is [...]

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