Gulfood 2020, 2020 February 16 - 2020 February 20, grana padano

Media > Events > Events > Gulfood 2020 Gulfood 2020 Dubai 02.16.2020 - 02.20.2020 Grana Padano together with AFIDOP, the PDO Italian cheese association, at the 25°th edition of Gulfood in Dubai from the 16°th to the 20th° of February. ... The guests will get to sample different Grana [...]

Winter Fancy Food Show, 2020 January 19 - 2020 January 21, grana padano

Media > Events > Events > Winter Fancy Food Show Winter Fancy Food Show Moscone Center, San Francisco 01.19.2020 - 01.21.2020 Grana Padano will be present at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, the largest specialty food and beverage show on the West Coast....  The Grana Padano [...]

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The enormous volume of milk processed, about 100.000 litres per day, 95% of which will become Grana Padano, would, on the contrary, suggest that this phase was mechanised. ... Or, the many awards won at cheesemaking competitions, including Grana Padano PDO being awarded the gold medal and Asiago Pressato winning the silver.

., grana padano, Production sites

In fact, Asiago and Grana Padano are the company’s core business. Every year, the dairy produces 72 thousand wheels of Grana Padano PDO cheese, using only milk from members of the Latterie Vicentine cooperative that are local, like Signor Flavio Peron whom we meet today in his farm with his wife Barbara, as they [...]

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Grana Padano & Urbani Black Truffle Festival, 2019 June 14 - 2019 June 23, grana padano

Media > Events > Events > Grana Padano & Urbani Black Truffle Festival Grana Padano & Urbani Black Truffle Festival New York, San Francisco and Miami 06.14.2019 - 06.23.2019 In the cities of New York, San Francisco and Miami, 100 restaurants offered a special menu and a recipe with [...]

50BestTalks, 2019 September 16, grana padano

  Moreover, during the event, chefs Chiho Kanzaki and Marcelo Di GIacomo from Virtus Restaurant, are serving a special recipe with Grana Padano  "Tomato, eggplant, Grana Padano crumble, criolla sauce".  Chef Denny Imbroisi, Grana Padano French [...]

Sial Fair, 2019 April 29 - 2019 May 02, grana padano

Media > Events > Events > Sial Fair Sial Fair Toronto 04.29.2019 - 05.02.2019 Grana Padano, Prosciutto San Daniele and Prosciutto di Parma attended the Sial Show in Toronto.... Samples of Grana Padano as well as an informational trade handout and notebook were available to the booth visitors.

Gulfood, 2019 February 17 - 2019 February 21, grana padano

Media > Events > Events > Gulfood Gulfood Dubai 02.17.2019 - 02.21.2019 From 17th to 21st February the Grana Padano Protection Consortium will be at the 24th edition of Gulfood, the most important exhibition dedicated to the Food and Beverage sector in the middle East and among the largest in the world. During the five days [...]

Foodies Festival, 2017 June 25 - 2017 June 25, grana padano

Media > Events > Events > Foodies Festival Foodies Festival Birmingham 06.25.2017 - 06.25.2017 Grana Padano with Mr. ... Two masterclasses of 100 guests each try two different vintages of Grana Padano and discover all the characteristics of the most popular PDO cheese in the world!

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