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Each influencer will contact the respective winner via Instagram DM on 10th June 2021 and ask for contact details in order to send out the prize. ... The prize draw winner will be contacted on Instagram on 10th June 2021.


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Strong Scotch Ale o Wee Heavy

Serving temperature: from 10 to 16°C in a tulip glass (it can be flared but preferably not too tapered, to avoid excessively limiting the surface area in contact with the air) or a characteristic ‘thistle’ glass and thus with a medium-wide opening.

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As for all non-pre-packaged foods, all those who come into contact with the product at any stage of the sales chain are obliged to implement a HACCP system, in compliance with food industry requirements.

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In a large, straight-sided skillet, heat 1-inch vegetable oil over medium heat, until the tip of an arancino sizzles on contact.

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Since 2015, with a view to modernise and renew our image with a change of logo, packaging and a new presence on the web, thanks to a highly functional 2.0 site, and with the implementation of Facebook and Instagram pages, in order to always be in contact with consumers and friends.

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  Robert tells us that his phone is always switched on, so that cheesemakers and dairy farmers can contact him at any time of day or night, and he can help them resolve any unexpected issues at all times.