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Latteria Sociale Mantova Società Agricola Cooperativa, grana padano, Production sites

He explains that in addition to a team of young people in the various offices and plant departments, they are laying the foundations for a generational change in the management of the individual dairy farms, in which the children of the cooperative members are taking up the work started by their fathers and, in some cases, their grandfathers, to ensure that the strong [...]

So, this is Grana Padano, grana padano, Italian cheese

Grana Padano > Grana Padano PDO > So, this is Grana Padano So, this is Grana Padano Grana Padano has many properties that set it apart from other cheeses. ... The size The diameter is between 35 and 45 cm; the heel between 18 and 25 cm, depending on the cheese-making techniques.

Nutritional properties, grana padano, Italian cheese

Technically, Grana Padano is a semi-fat cheese, meaning it is made from partially skimmed milk.


The Consortium is based in San Martino della Battaglia (Desenzano del Garda, Brescia), in the heart of the PDO Cheese production area: the Po Valley in Northern Italy. ... In Italy it helps children living in foster homes, with school and health projects; organises excursions and stays in friendly structures to allow children to spend a few [...]

Grana Padano Consortium and Rava Foundation

Specifically, the Consortium has always been concerned with nutritional issues and nutritional education and is committed to setting up the Grana Padano Nutrition Centre : a ward for treating malnutrition and related diseases, thereby offering children a real chance of life in a country where one in three children do not reach the age of five, in most cases [...]

Caseificio Campiotti & C.

  In the late 50s, Ermanno, the seventh of his ten children, was sent to manage a Grana Padano cheese factory they had bought in the province of Brescia. ... Since 2004, the business is run by Ermanno’s own children: Vincenzo, Emanuele and Silvia.

Caseificio Achille Snc di Dalla Valentina Ezio e C., grana padano, Production sites

Some 70 years later, the fourth generation - children and grandchildren of the Dalla Valentina brothers - is about to take over. ... The Dalla Valentina dairy also produces Monte Veronese cheese, another PDO cheese.

Grana Padano naturally lactose free, lactose-free cheese, cheese for lactose intolerant, lactose-free diet

After 9 months of ageing (the minimum time established by its PDO Specification Rules), this cheese is substantially free of lactose, ready to be consumed by adults and children who show intolerance to this sugar, that’s to say, devoid of the lactase enzyme. ... Lactose, galactose and glucose determination in naturally "lactose free" hard [...]

Latterie Vicentine S.C.A., grana padano, Production sites

Every year, the dairy produces 72 thousand rounds of Grana Padano PDO cheese, using only milk from members of the Latterie Vicentine cooperative that are local, like Signor Flavio Peron who we meet today in his farm with his wife Barbara, as they explain to a group of school children how Grana Padano is made, beginning from the way the cows are raised and [...]

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