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There are 6 cauldrons here, as well as the traditional tanks for skimming the milk, instead of the silos used in modern cheese factories. ... From the cheese processing room, we move to the ageing storehouse, with all the lovely wheels waiting to be sold, only after they've been left to age for nine months and have undergone the quality [...]

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grana padano cheese factory, Tag directory

Tag directory > grana padano cheese factory grana padano cheese factory

grana padano cheese factories, Tag directory

Tag directory > grana padano cheese factories grana padano cheese factories

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Barbara explains carefully what the cows eat, how they live and then, in a room turned laboratory, using a stove and pan, she shows the children how cheese is made. ... The yearly celebrations include the making of a 1,000 kg cheese wheel that is sold for charity.

Latteria Soresina Soc.

During the two world wars, Latteria Soresinese drastically reduced its production for the traditional consumer market in order to supply cheese and sterilized milk to the Italian armed forces as well as hospitals and larger cities. ...   And more than once, after spending a lot of time describing the distinctive features of Grana Padano, people turned around and asked [...]

Latteria Sociale S.

He goes on to explain that once the cheese mass is taken out, the whey is left over from the processing and in the old days it was given to the pigs. ... In the conversation we also discuss how to make home-made cheese and even butter.

Latteria Agricola Primavera Società Agricola Cooperativa, grana padano, Production sites

Last but not least, we visit the factory shop, where Simona has been working for 13 years and all kinds of delicacies can be purchased, from Grana Padano to the characteristic products of the area, including salame and Lambrusco wine, which we are kindly offered by the owners.

Caseificio Giovanni Invernizzi Srl, grana padano, Production sites

So, one day, he took a few cheeses and some scales and set off on his moped. ... The latest recruit is 17-year-old Ivan, who attends the food and agriculture college in Caravaggio and does the training part of his course at the cheese plant.

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