Did you know?

  • It takes roughly 15 litres of milk to make 1 kg of Grana Padano PDO.
  • Each vat used to make Grana Padano cheese contains roughly 1.000 litres of milk.
  • 30 g of Grana Padano contain the nutritional values of around half a litre (1 pint) of milk.
  • The average cholesterol content in 50 g of Grana Padano DOP is roughly 50 mg.
  • 50 g of Grana Padano contains over 600 mg of calcium.
  • Grana Padano is lactose-free* due to its production characteristics and long ageing, making it suitable in a lactose-free diet.
  • Grana Padano is also gluten-free.
  • It can be grated onto pasta or rice, or on in sauces, dressings or soups, instead of salt.
  • Ideal as a healthy snack, in small chunks of 10/15 grammes, together with some fruit and a little bread, preferably wholemeal.
* Galactose content of less than 10mg per 100g of Grana Padano PDO
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