Alex Zanardi

“A new season is at the door and for me this year will be all about the distance! Already last year, though focused on Rio's preparation, I dreamed of facing this new challenge; It is true, I have already done two Ironman, but without being able to do a specific preparation for them, which I am doing today. The Rome Marathon will be for me, once again, the start of the season. 
Then in May, the first World Cup/Championship test at Maniago; but as mentioned, the real challenge this year is called Ironman: the first date is in Klagenfurt, Austria, on July 2nd, and finally again in Kona, Hawai, dreaming of going beyond what I had already achieved in 2015.
Ah! I forgot ... and it is not a detail: although the hard preparation I am doing will take away brilliance from the short races, at the end of August I will be in Pietermazburg in South Africa to defend my world title. What a lot of stuff guys! I'll need lots of energy ... I'll have to go with good supply of Grana Padano!"
Alex Zanardi
Alex Zanardi

31st August '17

Amazing gold medal for Alex Zanardi at the Para-cycling world cup by road in South Africa, in the handbike H5 category.
Five gold medal for Italy: besides Alex, gold medal for Francesca Porcellato, Paolo Cecchetto and Luca Mazzone. Bronze medal for Lorenzo Melle.
Alex Zanardi

16th May ’17 Maniago Para-cycling World Championship

The Maniago Para-cycling World Championship gave great satisfaction to the Italian team with excellent times and great teamwork in the relay! One gold and two silver! Congratulations!!!!

12th May 2017 – The video message

Here is Alex’s video message before the Maniago World Championship (or Cup???)…He, just like Grana Padano, is full of energy! Good luck champion!
Alex Zanardi

2nd April 2017 – ROME MARATHON

The first date for our champion, keep going Alex, we are all with you!
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