Fico Eataly World

Fico Eataly World
A cheese factory that produces two wheels of Grana Padano DOP a day in front of thousands of visitors. The factory has been set up by the Grana Padano Protection Consortium at FICO Eataly World.
It is a project designed specifically to enhance and promote the most widely consumed DOP product in the world, using a method which brings the public into direct experiential contact with the product. Thanks to the project, the chain again returns to operate with matriculation number BO203 in the province of Bologna, and in particular in the area to the right of the river Reno, one of the Grana Padano production areas, discovered in 1983, the year in which the then Emiliano Romagnolo Consortium stopped working with matriculation number BO202.
The cheese factory produces two wheels of cheese per day, using approximately 500 litres of milk for each one, sourced from one of the dairy sheds belonging to the Grana Padano Consortium in Emilian Piacenza.
Once produced, the wheels rest in racks set up in the warehouse created inside the factory and can only be sold at least 9 months later, once they have reached the stage of ripening which, subject to passing all the checks, qualifies them to be fire-branded and identified as Grana Padano DOP.
During FICO Eataly World, the Grana Padano Consortium will be available to receive schools and the other visitors attending the event, organising meetings designed to tell the story and publicise the excellence of this flagship Made in Italy product. Indeed, the hospitality area has been devised to include a series of infographics which will complement the presentation of Grana Padano designed to engage the general public attending FICO.

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